These Are The Voyages: A Star Trek Podcast was only a dream for a long time. After guest hosting a podcast for some friends, Chase McKinney was encouraged by those same friends to start one. After thinking it over, the idea to just have fun was the main thing, and thus the show was born and aired for the first time on October 27, 2019.

The podcast is inclusive of all Star Trek fans, new or seasoned across the multiple series, and movies. We recognize that each show or movie is “your Trek”. We talk about whatever we want to within the world of Star Trek, and do our best to have fun with it. Whether it is talking about a series, an episode, technology, or lore, there is something in this show for everyone. We also offer Star Trek news updates on TRTV News, and do weekly reactions to new episodes as they air in their original run on Engage.

You can read about Chase and some of the crew below. Welcome aboard Lone Star Station, and the USS Vigilant (NCC-8717). Wherever you want to call home in here we welcome you.




Chase is the commanding officer of Lone Star Station along with the U.S.S. Vigilant.

First Officer/Co-Host


Bio beaming in soon

Strategic Operations Officer/R.G.H


Bio beaming in soon

Boldly Go and Make It So.